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EleFamily is also the name the kernel of all of our software products; it is the core class library of highly re-usable and purely object-oriented code upon which all of products are based - including the EleAIS web server, which uses the same technology.

Although EleFamily itself is not a product, it must still be mentioned in the first place, because all our software products are constructed from re-using EleFamily to a high degree of typically 75% and up to 95%.There are over 30 programmer years of software development in EleFamily alone.

Elebase - Product Database Management (formerly called Elestore)

Elebase (formerly called Elestore) is the Product Database Management system with multi-media database and therefore the central and most important product of the entire family.

It stores and administrates any type of product related data and catalog content and acts as the master database providing all other members of the EleFamily with the needed data. Data inheritance is only one of the many new and unique features.

Currently Release 3.0 is in use. Different versions of Elebase are also integrated in other products that are used stand-alone. Elebase can be configured very easily from a basic skeleton to the most comprehensive versions with all available features.

Elebase was formerly called "Elestore". It was renamed in summer 2009 and there are still many references using the old name Elestore on some of our websites.

For details see and the many films or in Deutsch on: ebenso mit vielen Filmen

Elebase has been in use since summer 2003, among others at the head office of Philips in Holland with 1 million SKU (articles) and > 4 million attributes.

Elecat - Electronic Product Catalog for paper catalogs on the Internet

Electronic product catalog software for using paper catalogs on the Internet for e-commerce; makes paper product catalogs intelligently usable in any PC and on the Internet. Elecat consists of a reader software for the Internet browser based on only on HTML and JavaScript (the basic Internet technologies). No Flash or any other plug-ins are needed!

Elecat fully preserves the original paper layout and makes paper catalogs reasonably usable for e-commerce on the Internet.. Using PDF catalogs in Elecat format is very much better than using PDF in a browser, whioch cannot be used for e-commerce anyway.

Elecat converts article numbers on PDF pages automatically into hyperlinks so that paper catalogs in Elecat can be used to select and feed any e-commerce application. Finally, the vast among of PDF catalogs can be used easily and with a superb user-interface on the Internet.

Elecat is integrated into EleAIS, YellowParts and CATpool. It can be easily integrated into any
website and , e-commerce or web shop software. See

It is the oldest product of EleFamily with >300.000 CD-ROM distributed on the Automechanika exhibitions in Frankfurt with exhibitor catalogs in e-paper form.

Elepub - High-end Database Publishing System

Elepub is probably the most sophisticated, ambitious but also quite demanding database publishing product on the market designed for the DTP and database publishing specialist.

If you want Office database publishing for the average MS Office user, we also have the right products that are simpler (and also much lower in costs) than Elepub. See below or here.

Elepub, the Object Database Publishing system, generates very flexible and attractive layouts, pages and entire publications fully automatically from data in Elebase for paper, e-paper and electronic media. Elepub produces electronic publications including HTML autonomously without any need for DTP software but it also very closely co-operates with DTP software.

Elepub offers a new form of automatically publishing database content to container-based,
3D frame structures created from inheriting template objects. It offers a unique form of linking data with frames and several technical specialties such as various intelligent table types.

Elepub is completely integrated with Elebase and therefore no data export or import to Elepub is ever needed. They were designed and developed as one system.

The data on Elepub pages is the data in the database, not from the database, no data copies, no imports, no links, except when expressively wanted such as for editorial deadline or archiving.

Elepub prints directly or to PDF, generates HTML itself and exports finished pages to InDesign for colour separation; soon also export to XML available.

See and the films on Elepub

Office database publishing

We also offer much simpler, yet very powerful Office Database Publishing software suitable for use by office people where average knowledge of MS Word and MS Excel is quite sufficient.
Here are more details about EleExxel, ElePricelist and EleProductsite.