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Ancillary products in EleFamily

This page contains only a very short overview on several products of EleFamily. There are links to the detailed product websites below. Please refer to these product websites.

These "ancillary" products are extensions to the flagship products and most of them can also be used stand-alone.

EleRobot - Automatic Data Maintenance

Automatic operator for applying modifications fully automatically to the content in Elebase by using MSExcel spreadsheets, formulas and, if needed, its integrated VisualBasic programming language. Elerobot makes the most of MS Excel and its many programmable features for Elebase content..

EleExxel - Easy-to-use Office Database Publishing with MS Excel

EleExxel provides complex multi-line exporting, formatting and printing capabilities for article objects to MS Excel using MS Excel template sheets, which can be created easily by any PC user with some average MS Excel experience. More details

ElePricelist - Office Database Publishing with MS Excel and MS Word

ElePricelist uses the more flexible and more comprehensive formatting capabilities of MS Word. It constitutes a quick and stand-alone price list generator, HTML generator, printing and exporting software. ElePricelist can also embed several MSExcel sheets generated by EleExxel into one MSWord document, because EleExxel is part of ElePricelist. More details

EleProductSite - product website generator

EleProductSite automatically generates an entire website in HTML with detailed product pages and the navigation logic from content in Elebase. The layout of the generated HTML product pages can be freely and easily designed by any user of MS Office software by defining template files in MSExcel or MSWord. This is a simple yet very effective solution for every normal user of MS Office without need to know the internals of HTML.

Alternatively, EleProductSite can also use HTML template files, which are filled with data from Elebase. This is the professional solution for the experienced HTML designer offering total design flexibility and control over the generated HTML pages. In both cases the navigation as well as links for article numbers and pages is generated by EleProductSite. It also delivers the HTML pages for use in the EleAIS web server. Includes EleExxel and ElePricelist. More details

Elequote - Quotes Catalog Generator

Article objects in Elebase with their extremely comprehensive set of attributes (variables) and their embedded text objects are used to create individually formatted and expressive multi-page quotes (catalogs) in MS Word based on article sequences imported from an MS Excel sheet or from orders.

Order are either imported or entered manually in the Elequote order entry. Elequote uses predefined templates in MS Word files to format data content from Elebase. More details

EleOrder - Order Processing System

Very comprehensive order entry, administration and transaction exchange system based on local software and local database with direct communication between business partners using (not only) CATpool product data. Optional use in Internet browsers or mixed use with local software.

EleOrder offers full support of all activities in the Internet browser, i.e. the same logic working in local desk-top clients is also used as a web server. EleOrder will support the very sophisticated XML-based data exchange standard "profiClass" with support for all business processes from enquiry, via offers, orders, to invoices and payment.

EleOrder fully automates editing, storage and exchange of all transaction data between regular business partners including reporting and transaction entry and maintenance features.
EleOrder will also become an important part of the CATpool system!

EleExchange - Data Exchange System in industry standard data formats

EleExchange enables Elebase to exchange product data with customers, vendors and other business partners. EleExchange supports all important data standards for the exchange of product and price data like Arua, Datanorm BMEcat, Etim, Eldanorm, Zvehnorm, XML and others. Product has already beein developed. Documentation still missing.

Elecom - Automatic data communication system

Communication system for direct bi-lateral data communication with vendors and customers. Data is transmitted via email or othe rmeans and automatically exported to and imported from MSOutlook and Elebase.

Data can optionally be encrypted and stamped with a receiver identification so that it can only be imported by the designated EleFamily installation of the receiver. Same as for Elebase.

Distributes the data from EleExchange and EleOrder to business partners via standard MSOutlook email application or other physical ways like FTP.

EleHelp - Help and Documentation System

EleHelp is the help, user manual and technical documentation authoring system for documentation in HTML, PDF, Windows WinHelp or the very special EleHelp browser.

It stores content in an extended Elebase database, supports MS Word, RTF and MS Excel and offers innovative forms of administrating content in small text items, which can easily be re-used avoiding content redundancies. Multi-lingual, with several types of variables inside texts and many link types; many advantages from use of database versus other file based systems; cross-links and joined content usage with Elebase and Elepub. Elehelp is currently used internally. More details