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EleFamily products for the Internet

This page contains only a very short overview on the Internet related members of EleFamily with links to the detailed product websites. Please refer to these product website for more details.

EleAIS - Article Information System

AIS - Article Information System on your website and web server in Ajax technology. EleAIS is the extension of Elebase onto the Internet bringing detailed product data onto your Website, up-to-the-minute, fully automatically and in the latest Ajax technology, i.e. as an application software in the web browser. EleAIS integrates Elecat and other EleFamily applications.

Written in the same technology as EleFamily, this is a web application server in Ajax technology, i.e. an application in the Internet browser.

Details on EleAIS in English und hier alle Details in Deutsch

New release is in Beta phase. Previous releases were In use since late 2003 inside Philips Intranet for several thousand users, with >1 million SKU and >4 million attributes. Special versions are included in the CATpool and YellowParts portals

Eleserver - Web Server and HTML generator

Web server software and dynamic HTML generator with an integrated file server (like Apache or IIS). The engine that brings EleFamily products onto the Internet. Eleserver is the prerequisite for all web-enabled Elefamily products and the engine of ElecatServer, EleAIS and the portals etc.

Written in the same technology as all other EleFamily products and therefore fully integrated.


Embeds search results from the OmniFind Yahoo! search engine into EleAIS, Elecat or Elebase. Comprises of the user interface and the application interface to the OmniFind search engine. It also makes the EleAIS database contents or Elecat page contents available to the OmniFind crawler and also to the crawlers of the public search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN etc. so that your database and page content gets listed there.

Delivers high-end searching capabilities to EleAIS, Elecat or Elebase like on Google, Yahoo, or MSN but entirely in your design and logo and only for your data and your website.

More details on the product websites of EleAIS and Elecat .

Elecat WebServer - Electronic Product Catalog

Electronic product catalog software for paper catalogs on the Internet and on CD-ROM; makes paper product catalogs intelligently usable in any PC and on the Internet. It consists of a reader software for the browser using only HTML and JavaScript. Elecat fully preserves the original paper layout. Elecat is integrated into EleAIS, YellowParts and CATpool.

Hybrid software - for use on the local PC and on the Internet

It is fairly unusual that the same software that runs on a desk-top PC also runs on an Internet browser and/or acts as a web server. There are several products, which can be used in a hybrid form. We present here only a very short list. Further details on the respective product websites.