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Internet portals in the EleFamily software clan

This page contains only a very short overview on the Internet portals developed with EleFamily There are links to the detailed product websites below. Please refer to these product websites.

These Internet portals are based on the EleFamily software and especially on Eleserver, EleAIS and Elecat. They were developed in the same technology as all the other EleFamily members.

The ideas behind

There are some new ideas and concepts behind our portals:

The main distinctions are:

YellowParts - B2B product and catalog portal

New type of B2B product portal offering professional users many unique features such as:
Extremely detailed cross-vendor product data from a database
Products searchable via cross-vendor standardized technical attributes
Entire product catalogs in Elecat, HTML and PDF
Very detailed company data of manufacturers and dealers
Company and product data grouped by the world's best, cross-industry, vendor neutral and non-profit grouping system eClass
Global, national and local versions
User interface in many languages
Content in many different languages, because all business is local.
Ajax driven application software for interactive use in an Internet browser
Local application software for data vendors for multiple re-use of data in daily business

All details on

CATpool - Business Community System

CATpool is a unique business community and data collaboration system primarily connecting regular business partners, manufacturers and dealers in many industries, simplifying their daily business collaboration from data exchange to business processes. It consists of:
Very comprehensive application software to administrate, generate, distribute and use any kind of product data, product catalog content and finished product catalogs
Product Databse Management System Elebase
Article Information System (AIS) for sales and use at the POS
Communication software for automatic data exchange between business partners
POS product enquiry software
Different software products for making multiple use of the product data
Software products for database publishing to paper, Elecat, e-paper and HTML
The central data pool with product catalogs and all detailed article data contained in product catalogs
Services like the permanent update service or communication via direct data exchange etc.

CATpool will start operation during 2010. All details on